Posted by: voteces | January 23, 2011

Day 3- Brunch at Leonard Caf. Yum!

This morning we’re at Leonard Cafeteria having a blast meeting students and sharing our platform. We’ve been getting an amazing response from students here and we’re having a great time!

The cold weather this morning wasn’t going to keep us home cuddled under the blankets, and the sun shining outside makes the cafeteria look even more cozy and inviting than the warm hot chocolate and pancakes we’re having for brunch. We’ll be here until noon today enjoying talking to first years and hearing about their experiences at Queen’s before moving on to meeting with clubs and other students around campus. One of the things we learned today from students that we talked to is the importance of defending Orientation traditions. We’ve also found that a lot of students are unsure as to what the AMS actually does and are so glad that we’re here letting them know what’s going on on their campus. We’d love to hear your feedback as well so feel free to send us an email at or simply fill out our contact form.

We’re Team CES and we hope to Make a Difference at Queen’s. Check out our platform, join our Facebook page and check us out on our Twitter.

We hope to see you around campus this week! Check back for more daily blog posts.


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