Posted by: voteces | January 26, 2011


Mental health awareness and initiatives were featured prominently in Monday’s VPUA debate. I want to take the time to talk about this, but first WATCH THIS.

This is a quick commercial shown by ComSoc’s Non-profit gateway in a class talk right before ours. It’s efforts like this we want to talk about. The video draws the viewer in. While the non-profit gateway is working with the Canadian Mental Health Association, this event is only open to Commerce students, but we’d love to see each faculty do this in their own way (commerce is adding a consulting component).

This type of event is what faculty societies do well. Commerce is working with the Windeler family to further awareness about mental health. We can talk all we want about being a “Grassroots AMS” but we already have phenomenal faculty societies that do this.

The AMS needs to focus on supporting these initiatives, not replicating them. Our attentions can be better focused on lobbying the university and government for more support, helping where there are deficiencies, and helping meet the current demand.

Health, Counseling, and Disability Services needs help. While it’s important to reduce social stigmas surrounding mental health, we can’t say “it’s ok to need help, but you’ll have to go elsewhere because we’re all booked.’

We cannot afford to turn students away. Our priorities must be providing more resources to HCDS. Faculty societies work on promotion, as does Orientation, and the Mental Health Awareness Committe under the SIC. The AMS needs to focus on supporting HCDS where they need help. More note takers for students in need, more financial resources by freeing them up from Career Services, and more advocacy for dedicated provincial support. We need to offer real solutions.


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