Posted by: voteces | January 29, 2011

Day 9: Campaign in Photos

Day 9: The Campaign so Far

The campaign has been phenomenal so far.  Though it started off with a 3am banner building session and a pinched nerve, the campaign picked up speed throughout the week and it’s great to see the hard work of our volunteers paying off!

I was thinking of what to do for this post and considered posting a highlight for each day, but you all don’t want to read that much information after reading our (shameless plug!) platform.

So instead here are some photos from the campaign trail, starting with our booth mid-finish and finishing with our mascot BlueWho promising more to come.  Without further delay, the campaign in pictures:

The booth before decoration.

The first (official photograph) of BlueWho

Monday's BioSci Boothing

The team works the booth in Mac-Corry.

Mutual Support
































And that’s the campaign in a brief flash.  As promised, here’s BlueWho promising more to come:



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