Posted by: voteces | February 1, 2011

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is there room on Queen’s Campus for new services?

The Queen’s Center was built with the anticipation of bringing in 2-3 outside vendors. These vendors rent out space on the Queen’s Centre ground floor (in the breezeway, behind the murals on the glass doors). Vendors are responsible for retrofitting the space to suit their needs at their expense, and the AMS, the University, and the SGPS share the profits derived from the rent.

Is a Queen’s Center grocer possible?

Yes it is. The University of Western Ontario just launched the first grocery store on a university campus within our province this year, and it has been hugely successful. After multiple consultations, Grocery Checkout, the provider at Western, is excited about the possibility of expanding to Queen’s campus as well. Other universities across Canada are also interested in adopting this model within their student centres.

What is this I hear about a by-law?

The City of Kingston has a by-law in place that outlines services that may exist on a University campus. There has been some concern that a grocery store is not included in this list. However, this is an unnecessary concern because it only applies to independent corporations, not University or AMS services. Bringing in a grocery store as a partnership with the AMS would exclude ourselves from this bylaw. For instance, a pub is not outlined as a service that may exist on a campus- however it is permissible because it is an AMS service and the AMS owns the space.



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