About the Team

Presidential Candidate

My name is Morgan Campbell, and I’m running for AMS President. I am currently in my fourth year at Queen’s studying Political Studies and Global Development Studies. For the last two years, I have served as the Undergraduate Student Trustee on the Queen’s University Board of Trustees, reviewing the financial operations. In this role, I also sit on a variety of faculty society and student government assemblies, University Senate, the Queen’s Centre Student Working Group, as well as various University committees to ensure that the student voice is heard by the administration.  I look forward to the opportunity to expand my role and represent you as a student!


(Operations) Candidate

My name is Ashley Eagan and I am a fourth year Fine Arts student. I grew up In London Ontario where I then moved to the small farm town of Tottenham, Ontario. I currently serve as the Retail Services Director on AMS Council, where I oversee the finances and operations of the Publishing & Copy Centre and the newly amalgamated Tricolour Outlet. Some of my projects within in the position include managing the consolidation of Destinations, Tricolour Outfitters, and the Used Book store into one functional service and supervising the completion of strategic plans, budgets, and marketing plans for the retail services. My previous experience within the AMS includes working as a service staff for Destinations during my first two years at Queen’s and then moving up into the Head Manager position at Destinations last year where I managed a budget of over $1.3 million.

(University Affairs) Candidate

My name is Kieran Slobodin and I am a third year Economics student hoping to complement my major with an International Studies Certificate.  My family has deep roots here at Queen’s University: my grandfather taught here, my parents attended and met here, my brother was born here, completed his degree here, and now I am following in their footsteps. This year I am the Academic Affairs Commissioner and was an OC for ASUS Orientation.  As Commissioner it is my responsibility to act as the chief undergraduate advocate and representative on all matters pertaining to academics.  Serving on many senate committees, providing information and services to students through the commission’s various committees, and representing students externally are some of the ways my commission fulfills this role.


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