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Final Blog – Thanks to All Our Supporters!

Team CES would like to thank everyone for supporting their campaign over the last week. Whether you volunteered, educated yourself about our platform, or just took the time to listen to one of our amazing staff, we hope you had fun and found what we had to say engaging and thought provoking.

Remember to vote tomorrow in the election, which you can do by accessing your e-mail both tomorrow and Wednesday. If you do you will be rewarded with a ticket for a free and delicious common ground tea and coffee!

To our volunteers, thank you all so much, you guys were amazing. Everyone be sure to vote tomorrow and if you haven’t had an opportunity to learn about us, check us out here at our website.


Posted by: voteces | February 1, 2011

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is there room on Queen’s Campus for new services?

The Queen’s Center was built with the anticipation of bringing in 2-3 outside vendors. These vendors rent out space on the Queen’s Centre ground floor (in the breezeway, behind the murals on the glass doors). Vendors are responsible for retrofitting the space to suit their needs at their expense, and the AMS, the University, and the SGPS share the profits derived from the rent.

Is a Queen’s Center grocer possible?

Yes it is. The University of Western Ontario just launched the first grocery store on a university campus within our province this year, and it has been hugely successful. After multiple consultations, Grocery Checkout, the provider at Western, is excited about the possibility of expanding to Queen’s campus as well. Other universities across Canada are also interested in adopting this model within their student centres.

What is this I hear about a by-law?

The City of Kingston has a by-law in place that outlines services that may exist on a University campus. There has been some concern that a grocery store is not included in this list. However, this is an unnecessary concern because it only applies to independent corporations, not University or AMS services. Bringing in a grocery store as a partnership with the AMS would exclude ourselves from this bylaw. For instance, a pub is not outlined as a service that may exist on a campus- however it is permissible because it is an AMS service and the AMS owns the space.

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Day 9: Campaign in Photos

Day 9: The Campaign so Far

The campaign has been phenomenal so far.  Though it started off with a 3am banner building session and a pinched nerve, the campaign picked up speed throughout the week and it’s great to see the hard work of our volunteers paying off!

I was thinking of what to do for this post and considered posting a highlight for each day, but you all don’t want to read that much information after reading our (shameless plug!) platform.

So instead here are some photos from the campaign trail, starting with our booth mid-finish and finishing with our mascot BlueWho promising more to come.  Without further delay, the campaign in pictures:

The booth before decoration.

The first (official photograph) of BlueWho

Monday's BioSci Boothing

The team works the booth in Mac-Corry.

Mutual Support
































And that’s the campaign in a brief flash.  As promised, here’s BlueWho promising more to come:

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Day 7 – Engaging with Students

We need to present students with creative solutions to the problems that we’re facing. We need to be able to provide them with the context for how those decisions are being reached, and where they’re coming from.

Morgan closed out the last of the series of three candidates’ debates with these words, expressing the commitment to financial and institutional transparency to which CES is committed.

Rolling into day seven of the campaign, CES continued with this pillar of visibility by engaging with students at the booth in Mac-Corry before talking to others around central campus.

Yesterday the follow-up to the first campaign video exploded on social media, with close to 60 views within the first ten minutes online. Help us by Tweeting it (with the hashtag #YEStoCES) and sharing it on Facebook.

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Day 6 – Special Launch!

Day six! Last night at Common Ground, Ashley did a great job representing the team in the VP Operations (VPOPS) debate. Come out tonight to the Lower Ceilidh of the JDUC at 7pm in your bluest duds to support Morgan in the third and final debate between the Presidential candidates! If you missed the first two, or can’t make the trek, the debate will be streaming live at HERE.

The follow-up to our campaign video has been released. Watch it above, or check it out on YouTube.

We’ve seen a groundswell of support after the past few days of enormously successful class talks—but no contribution is too small! If you’d like to offer your talents to CES, contact them on any of their channels (Facebook, Twitter,, or at their booths) and we’ll be happy to talk to you about opportunities! You can also send us an email at

Look out for another article in Friday’s edition of the Journal!

AMS Debates 2011 on USTREAM

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Mental health awareness and initiatives were featured prominently in Monday’s VPUA debate. I want to take the time to talk about this, but first WATCH THIS.

This is a quick commercial shown by ComSoc’s Non-profit gateway in a class talk right before ours. It’s efforts like this we want to talk about. The video draws the viewer in. While the non-profit gateway is working with the Canadian Mental Health Association, this event is only open to Commerce students, but we’d love to see each faculty do this in their own way (commerce is adding a consulting component).

This type of event is what faculty societies do well. Commerce is working with the Windeler family to further awareness about mental health. We can talk all we want about being a “Grassroots AMS” but we already have phenomenal faculty societies that do this.

The AMS needs to focus on supporting these initiatives, not replicating them. Our attentions can be better focused on lobbying the university and government for more support, helping where there are deficiencies, and helping meet the current demand.

Health, Counseling, and Disability Services needs help. While it’s important to reduce social stigmas surrounding mental health, we can’t say “it’s ok to need help, but you’ll have to go elsewhere because we’re all booked.’

We cannot afford to turn students away. Our priorities must be providing more resources to HCDS. Faculty societies work on promotion, as does Orientation, and the Mental Health Awareness Committe under the SIC. The AMS needs to focus on supporting HCDS where they need help. More note takers for students in need, more financial resources by freeing them up from Career Services, and more advocacy for dedicated provincial support. We need to offer real solutions.

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Day 5 – Mid-Way!

Team CES goes into day five of its campaign on a high note after last night’s VPUA debate.  Tonight, Ashley will field questions at the Queen’s Centre Common Ground in the VP Operations (VPOPS) debate at 7pm. Come out to support her and learn more about the role the VPOPS plays within the AMS Executive—as Kieran noted, “AMS elections is really a great chance to find out about  your student government… Take advantage of elections and make sure that you hold whichever team gets elected accountable for the ideas they propose.”  To catch up on last night’s debate, or to watch tonight’s streamed live, go HERE. You will also be able to watch tomorrow’s Presidential debate.

Our interview with the Journal hit newsstands today!  Check it out online by clicking here!

If you have any questions about the campaign, or love a good time and want to get involved, check out the CES booths!  Today we’ll be at Leonard Cafeteria in the morning, the JDUC in the early afternoon, and the Queen’s Centre in the evening.  We’re always looking for more help and more hype!

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Day 4 – Queen’s Journal

We’re in the news again! This time it’s a full article just for our team, describing some of our platform points and providing a little more information about us. If you would like to read it, click here!

Team CES presidential candidate Morgan Campbell, vice-president (Operations) candidate Ashley Eagan and vice-president (University Affairs) candidate Kieran Slobodin describe themselves as AMSinsiders with experience and research on their side this election.

With a comprehensive platform that includes 16 initiatives, Team CES said one of their favourite points focuses on bringing more services to the Queen’s Centre.”

The Queen’s Journal. Click to read more…

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Show your support!

Want to show your support for Team CES? Download our desktop background, Facebook photo or Twitter photo! Just click on the links below, right click and upload. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page while you’re at it.

– Facebook

– Twitter

– 1280×800 Desktop

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– 1920×1080 Desktop

– 1400×900 Desktop (MacBook)

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On the move

Hello from the campaign trail!

After a rallying volunteer social last night, Team CES got up bright and early to hang out at Leonard Cafeteria and talk to hungry frosh about making fresh and affordable produce available in the Queen’s Centre. From there, they headed off to a meeting with Queen’s TV to shoot an interview.

(Speaking of moving pictures, check out their fun campaign video and share it on Facebook, or Tweet about it if you haven’t already!)

We’ll finish the day sampling some delicious local chili and meeting with the Queen’s Journal to discuss and elaborate on our platform in an interview for the forthcoming issue.

Don’t forget to follow Team CES on Twitter, ‘like’ our Facebook page or read our platform!

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