Our Approach

Team CES believes that being approachable by itself, it is not enough. We have learned through our years in student government that it is not enough.

e want to be a student government that approaches you.”

So here is our pledge. Team CES believes that it is not enough to be an approachable student government; we pledge that we will be a student government that approaches you. We strongly believe this and it is evident in a platform that has strong input from students not typically involved with student government.
Context and knowing your position is important in everything the AMS does. We believe that it is important to be financially open and we believe it is necessary to be actively accessible to every student on campus.
During this campaign we want to approach students and get them involved with their student union. We want you to stay involved, too. We want to see students our students attending sports games, we want to see students using our services, and attending our assemblies. We know we can‟t do this unless we come to you. That is what we pledge.

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