Our Platform

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Platform Overview

Services in the QC
We want a health focused Queen’s Centre.  To accomplish this, we will push for a Grocer and Pharmacy to open in the Queen’s Centre.

Revisiting MyAMS.org
We will rebuild MyAms.org into the website it can be. We will build MyAms.org into a website that doesn’t just tell you what the AMS is, but what the AMS is doing for you. Many of our campus groups provide unique services.We  will collect and publish these services in ‘Tricolour Pages’ to provide easy access to these services.

Campus Calendar
We will provide campus groups with an online sharing hub where campus groups can publish their events. An online calendar can make finding events easy for students.

Sustainability and Composting
We believe that today’s students do not view sustainability as topical, but a necessity. We believe that moving the Sustainability Coordinator into a Commissioner position fills that necessity. As Team CES, we think that composting in our services is an excellent way to reduce our ecological footprint without increasing costs.

Revitalization of MacGillivray-Brown
CES, in partnership with Athletics and Recreation, commits to a renovation of the Mac-Brown building that would see a revitalized gym floor, new club space, and a dedicated performance space.

We know the importance of protecting our Orientation traditions. Further, we want to extend AMS resources to alternative frosh weeks and revisit the possibility of the Orientation Concert being held on campus.

Supporting Our Athletics
As Team CES we will create a ‘Passport to Your Athletics’ incentive program to encourage attendance at home games that rewards Queen’s students for cheering on its Gaels.

Communicating Administrative Decisions
We believe the AMS should be more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to decisions that impact undergraduate life here at Queen’s, such as the implementation of a GPA system, the Academic plan, and departmental budget cuts.

The Provincial Elections
We believe that the upcoming provincial elections are critical to our education at Queen’s. As Team CES we are committed to getting students to care and getting students to vote.

Extra-Curricular Credits
In recognition for the work that AMS full-time staff and faculty executives invest in student government, we will explore a credit reduction with Queen’s administration.

We will lobby for a commitment to a strategic plan with the city and Queen’s that can see the Homecoming Tradition brought back in 2014.

Free Self Defence Classes
We will arrange free self-defense courses with Athletics & Recreation held every week.

Gender Neutral Washroom Audit
We will conduct an audit of gender neutral washrooms on campus and identify which bathrooms can be changed to gender neutral washrooms.

Course Registration Waiting List
Team CES supports the idea of a waiting list component to classes with full registration so that students will be notified when space comes available.

Making AMS Assembly More Welcoming
We will make Assembly a forum where the average student feels comfortable and valued.

AMS Financial Accountability
We believe in an AMS that spends student dollars wisely. We believe that the AMS must commit to a transparent financial structure.

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