Grocer in the Queen’s Centre

Grocer in the Queen’s Centre

Team CES is committed to putting services into the QC to promote student health. Currently, the empty space in the QC is a loss of revenue, and it is missed opportunity to provide valuable services to students.

CES wants a health focused Queen’s Centre.  To accomplish this, CES will push for a Grocer and Pharmacy to open in the Queen’s Centre.

Team CES has researched proposals that include implementing both a pharmacy and healthy fresh produce grocer, with an online delivery component.  These businesses would operate in the now empty sections of the Queen’s Centre and would provide a valuable service to the committee.

These services are ready to go and have expressed great interest to Team CES in establishing themselves in the Queen’s Centre as soon as possible.

Team CES has visited other universities around Ontario to research and consult with similar services, and have identified two providers and begun consultations regarding cost estimates and production timelines. This way, if elected, we can ensure that these services will be provided to students as soon as possible.

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