Providing New Performance and Club Space

Providing New Performance and Club Space

CES wants to redesign Mac-Brown into the campus activity hub it could be.  To accomplish this, CES sees a partnership with Athletics and Recreation (A&R) that would see Mac-Brown renovated.  Mac-Brown is a building owned by the AMS that has been in use for many years, but is largely underutilized.

Having talked to A&R, CES believes that a renovation could be started as early as the spring and fully complete in time for the new academic year.  The renovations would be a partnership between the AMS and A&R and the complete project would see use by clubs, intramural sports, and performance groups looking to practice in a dedicated space with a stage.

CES, in partnership with Athletics and Recreation, commits to a renovation of the Mac-Brown building that would see a revitalized gym floor, new club space, and a dedicated performance space.

The AMS would also take on the role of marketing the new space and ensuring that prioritized use would see the building being used to its maximized capacity.  CES envisions a space that sees the gym used as practice space throughout the day and competitive intramurals being played in the early evening.  Downstairs club space would be used consistently as clubs needed it while the Foodbank and AMS IT offices stayed where they are.

CES Wants to Help Support Clubs Internally: CES believes that the AMS can help clubs by streamlining its internal bureaucracy.  CES believes that the AMS can help club and campus groups by improving three of its own processes:

i.            Improve access for AMS ratified clubs to the AMS Charitable Organization license.  This allows donations to clubs to benefit from tax breaks given to charities.

ii.            Allow clubs on a wider basis to use AMS account codes when working with event services to avoid paying HST on internal service charges.

iii.            Prioritize space allocation and ensure that every club with a space is able to use the space.

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