Sustainable Initiatives

Sustainability and Composting

Team CES believes that the Sustainability Coordinator has in past years expanded their mandate and the services they provide to the student body. Furthermore, sustainability affects all aspects of student life and as a result CES wishes to evaluate the Sustainability Coordinator to a recognized AMS Commission. In the past few years Sustainability issues have come to the forefront of student life including issues such as bottled water on campus, solar panels on our campus buildings, and a commitment by the university to reduce our environmental impact.

CES believes that today’s students do not view sustainability as topical, but a necessity.  CES believes that moving the Sustainability Coordinator into a Commissioner position fills that necessity.

If elected the Sustainability Commission would see an increased mandate that would include a publication of campus environmental issues and would act as a consensus builder and advocate for environmental groups on campus.  By changing the coordinator position to a commission we create the opportunity to expand the committee structure within the office and further support students.  In this way the commission would act in similar mandate to the other commissions of the AMS and would sit on AMS Council and Assembly.

Furthermore, the Sustainability mandate is currently working on a bicycle co-op and a funding pool to support other initiatives on campus.  CES also believes that having a full-time environmental advocate in student government can lead to partnerships with a city that has devoted itself to becoming the leading green community in Ontario.  A commission has the resources and advocacy power to explore these opportunities more than currently possible.  Such a change would not denote an increase in funding, but rather a shift in AMS priorities.

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