Supporting Our Athletics

Supporting Our Athletics

Team CES believes strongly in the Queen’s spirit and we believe that our sports teams are a large part of that spirit.  With last year’s Vanier Cup victory, our sports programs are stronger than ever and we want to see our community rally around our teams to cheer them on to many more victories.

If elected, CES will promote Queen’s athletics in new ways that don’t just bring attention to our national champion-winning football team, but would bring fans out to all home games of varsity sports, varsity clubs, and other athletic groups.

CES will create a ‘Passport to Your Athletics’ incentive program to encourage attendance at home games that rewards Queen’s students for cheering on its Gaels.

This Passport to Your Athletics would feature a stamp booklet that volunteers would stamp at each home game. Students who cheer on their team a large number of times could receive free t-shirts, tricolour clothing, and even NHL tickets.

In addition to the Passport program, CES will partner with A&R to promote a ‘game of the week’ and try and bring attention to these games by working with Queen’s Bands, Cheerleaders, and interested clubs on campus.

To further encourage support for our athletics, CES has received support of a pilot program that would sell food at Richardson Stadium to enhance the spirit.

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